I can't believe I am going to date myself, but here it goes.  As a child growing up in the 70's the cost of a first class postage stampwas only 8 cents.  The Internet or email wasn't part of our lives. I had to correspond the old fashioned way; by hand.  I spent my summers and holiday's sending handwritten letters to my relatives and pen-pals. That has become a lost art, not only for myself, but others as well. Welcome to the world of technology!

It wasn’t until I entered college that I discovered the world of Internet and email. I thought I was an adult writing checks to pay my bills too. At the time the cost of first class postage was 20 cents.  Postage is on the rise again. We should not be shocked.

You better stock up on your Forever stamps. The cost of first-class postage stamp is set to rise by 3 cents—to 49 cents from the current 46 cents—on Jan. 26. For individuals who send payments to creditors via bill pay may not feel the sting of the rise in postage.  However, for the business person who sends out a lot of marketing material will certainly feel it.  I may be rethinking my marketing strategy for 2014.  What about you?